About Cashmere......

We all know how important sleep is for the human body and mind.

An average 50 year old person has spent almost 18 years sleeping!

The most important thing is that the human organism restores itself during sleep, heals itself and eliminates accumulated waste.

Since merino wool and cashmere are natural materials, they provide pure and genuine relaxation.

Therefore, investing in a good night's sleep is one of the best investments you can make.

The ultra-fine cashmere fiber is actually the incredibly soft undercoat found around the neck of a Cashmere goat.
Each goat produces a very small amount of usable cashmere each year.

As a result, products made from cashmere can be up to 8 times warmer than products made from types of sheep's wool.
In addition, its fiber is super soft to the touch and, therefore, incredibly comfortable.

- Optimum softness
- Temperature regulation
- Breathability
- Odor resistance
- Humidity control


100% Cashmere
60% Cashmere 40% Merino wool
30%Cashmere 40% Merino wool 15% silk 15%Cotton


- Machine washable in delicate cycle with wool detergent.
- It is recommended not to use softeners or abrasive chemical agents that may alter the  quality and composition of the product.
- Do not tumble dry.


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